Learning begins at an early age.

We believe the first five years of life are the most important intellectually. Therefore, we provide an
atmosphere that is warm, clean, safe, and secure for all children. All children are welcome at Circle Of
Life Learning Center.  We feel all children deserve a great education so they can have  prosperous
futures. We engage  children in daily age appropriate activities that help them learn, grow, and develop
independence and life skills. We believe in preparing children for kindergarten by using curriculum and
activities that teach phonics, math, science, social studies, the ABC’s.
1705 Temple Hall Hwy.
Granbury, Texas 76049
1705 Temple Hall Hwy
Granbury, Texas 76049
Learning Center

Thank you for considering Circle of Life Learning Center for your child.   We
believe children should have a safe and fun learning environment where they are
allowed to flourish as individuals.  It is our goal to provide the best childcare
possible for children, from infants to 12 years.

I worked in public education for several years and bring experience and
education to the learning center.  Respecting all children and working with them
to be their very best is very important for children of all ages.  Children must feel
welcome and safe if they are to learn and grow to be happy and well adjusted.  
We want to be part of your extended family, so that your child knows she will
come to school every day where she is loved and wanted.

I hope that your child care experience will be a good one.  Please view our
handbook and see if you believe your family and ours will be a good match.  The
handbook gives our philosophy and the expectations and goals we have set for
ourselves and our extended family—our clients.

Thank you.
Melta Sprinkles, Ed.D